Our story began in Australia, from a desire to create an organic clothing range as stylish and cute as it is good for our planet and your baby.

It was an innocuous discussion with her friends about the harmful effects of chemicals in our everyday lives back in 2009 that started Analytical Chemistry Doctorate Madhu thinking about an organic clothing range. It was at this moment that Tiny twig was born.

Madhu left her secure lecturer job at the University of Adelaide to fully explore the possibilities of creating a sustainable, organic range of cotton clothing for young children and babies.

Since then, the Tiny twig journey has been one of fashion, quality, fair trade and fun for thousands of parents and babies around the world.

As caring parents and responsible citizens, we feel obliged to contribute our tiny share in creating a greener and more sustainable future for our babies. Our love for babies and nature coupled with a strong desire to offer something special gave birth to Tiny Twig.

Tiny twig creates and offers a variety of clothing products that cater to the special needs of new born babies during those precious months. Tiny twig provides the best of colours from certified organic dyes, soft durable fabrics and trendy styling which makes organic clothing fun to wear.