We have spent months and months creating this AMAZING tote bag! We wanted something that was stylish, functional and large! 
What is the most annoying thing about a trip to the beach (especially with kids)? Sand! Well, all you need to do is unzip the bottom of the tote to reveal a mesh base and all of that excess sand (and crumbs) will come pouring out!
What is the least manageable thing about swimming lessons or beach trips? Wet (and sandy) belongings! We have a large, detachable wet bag inside!
The awesomeness doesn’t end there. They also feature an internal zipper pocket so you can always find your keys, have 4 rubber feet to protect the base, a top zipper to close the bag and they come with long shoulder straps so your hands are free.
This Snow Leopard design was created with a fashion lover in mind. It features a monochrome leopard print on an off white background.
Buy one today while they’re still available!
External bag measurements: 60cm wide (at top) x 38cm high x 20cm deep
Internal wet bag measurements: 56cm wide x 38cm high x 4cm deep